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The Letters Are G_

Updated: May 15

The last letters of the first three words of the Torah spell אמת, truth, to tell us the essence of the Torah. When we speak only truth, we can harness the power of the Torah and make our prayers listened to.

As Rabbi Chaim Vital of blessed memory explained, all Torah light is spread through squaring and squaring represent radiance. Numbers are the letters in the language of the conscious cosmos and the operations between them are the grammar. Within the relationships portrayed in simple equations are conveyed a wealth of information and understanding. This is why the Hebrew language was designed as a direct interface to the cosmic numbers long before man had much use for counting.

To be close to the Torah is to speak the truth but never use ‘truth’ to hurt another person because what we perceive as ‘truth’ can be wrong.

"And the name by which [the creature] is called in the Holy Tongue is a vessel for the life-force condensed into the letters of that name which has descended from the Ten Utterances recorded in the Torah, that have the power and vitality to create a being ex-nihilo and give it life forever. [Why does it have the power to do so?] For "the Torah and the Holy One, blessed be He, are one." (Zohar I, 24a; II, 60a)

Jesus is the WORD. You hear Christians say it all the time. But what does that really mean. We know him as Mashiach, Savior, Deliverer, King, Shepard. All very people focused, all dealing with attributes and personas that speak of ways we know Yashua. But the WORD is not a descriptive word used to describe a person. nor does it give us any hint to its other characteristics.

If you really think about it, it is a conundrum. We are so focused on the Son of Man who came down from heaven to save us. Who because, we are told, loved us so much , it gave Yashua great joy to fulfill his mission despite its perils and hardships. The WORD just seems kind of impersonal in comparison.

I had a major revelation recently. I discovered what is meant by the WORD. It was not at all what I was expecting. It has been before us all the time, so obviously and plainly before us. How did we miss it. Classic case of Ephraim having such bad teachers for so many centuries it just became the blind leading the blind. Loosing the WORD has led to all sorts of errant doctrines, or as Paul calls them "doctrines of demons". 1Tim 4:1. It has led to non-biblical holiday traditions like Easter instead of observing the Feasts of Adonai. We lost Sabbath, our connection to Shekhinah. We even lost sight to see it is in fact a commandment. But I digress.

The WORD is the letters. The 22 two of them. The Alef-Bet. From Aleph to Tav, the beginning and the end in one continuous dance.

These LETTERS are the WORD. "In the beginning (bereshit) was the WORD (logos), the Word (logos)was with God (theos) and the WORD (logos) was God. In Hebrew you would say "In Bereshit (beginning) was the dabar (word), the dabar (word) was with YHVH and the dabar (word) was YHVH.

Sounds like it is a package deal. You have the King or Shepard, an archetype of His Sovereignty then you have the WORD which would be his body, the form and shape of this WORD. A King and His kingdom. You can't have one without the other.

But what I learned is that these letters because they are "God" they are light and life, immortal and eternal, in fact everything we would say about God we could say about the Word. Come to find out these letters are the DNA of creation. This holy sacred language is not a language even. These are the primordial's that gave birth to everything, diffusing all creation with the essence of its Creator. These letters are forever replicating, creating and sustaining all things. They are the living energies or could we say the God particles that are at the core of everything. Pulsating life into existence on all levels in all worlds. From Assiyah to Yechidah. All things spiritual to material. By Him/His Word all things exist and nothing exists that was not created by these Letters. Very profound. This is how Isaiah could say that Adonai created "ra" translated evil, distress or misery. A theological problem if one wants to only think of God as love. When in fact that is only one of his 10 attributes (Sefirot)

This WORD we are told in Jewish Mystical texts contains form, essence and number. Don't forget that every letter is a number. Their is a built in mathematical system that also plots, grids and builds all creation. Seen and unseen. This is how the Sages, the Masters of Torah, Masters of the Letters tell us that each letter contains "worlds, souls and divinities". This is why meditating on the letters would reveal supernal truths, other worldly insights and bring one closer to knowing Elohim in a very intimate and personal way.

These 22 letters and the 10 Sefirot combine to make 32 Paths of Wisdom. This indeed must represent the sum total of Elohim.

Not En Sof the Transcendent One, but Adam Kadmon, the one our mystical texts tell us is the same as the Tetragramaton or YHVH.

Maybe if we learned how to restore these letters to their rightful place it would have an impact on ending the exile and hasten the return of the King. One of the signs of the end of exile is the return to the land physically of the tribes. Surely then returning the WORD back to its source would send life and light to all the creation. And that has to help bring the Redemption.

I strongly suggest Ephraim do just that. Give up our idols and go back to the WORD, the pure unadulterated Elohim.

Shalom, shalom....wishing you joy on your journey.

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