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Now that you know the systematic theology I use in my biblical research, which is PARDES, I need to clue you into my most important presuppositions. This will help as I pull back and give an overview of this garden, you will see what has colored my “vision”

First I believe in what is commonly called in the Hebrew Roots movement, the Two House Theology. I have a 14 video playlist series on my youtube channel ( that will get you up to speed fast. This is one of the most important truths being restored to the Elect today. You will never understand The Bible and Yahweh’s march through history if you do not understand how “at many times and in many ways”, as Hebrews states, God has accomplished his purposes. In other words Yah has used many different strategies and people groups to get Adam’s seed saved, and it’s not over yet. By taking advantage of All Israel being divided into Two Houses, each with their own prophecies and destinies, he has proved himself true to his own word that “all things work together for good”. In the Palestinian and Jerusalem Targums we are given a very important nuance to Gen 49:1 that has been missed by many. First, Jacob tells his sons his goal in gathering them together “I will teach you the concealed end, the secret mysteries, the recompense of reward for the just, and the punishment of the wicked, and the blessedness of Eden, what it is.” We know that from Judah would be kings and rulers but a little less know is that they would be the scribal house for all the 12 tribes. In the Gen 49: 10 when speaking to Judah he says that “dominion shall not pass away from the house of Jehuda, nor the saphra from his children’s children for ever” (Targum Onkelos).

Again “nor sapherim teaching the law from his seed” (Targum Pseudo-Jonathan). Saphra is an Aramaic word that means scribe, teachers of the law or Torah scholar. Yah, knowing the future, entrusted Judah to keep the writings in the House. All of them. Ephraim was going to be scattered to the wind, becoming gentiles; they would grow darker and darker from the understanding of who they were and the covenant their forefathers signed onto at Mt. Sinai. Not a sure bet if you want to preserve the most precious writings in the world for future generations. The older brother was going to prove much more stable and reliable, at least as far as keeping written and oral traditions. This is why Paul says in Rom 9:4 that his people, the House of Judah had “…covenants and the receiving of the law…” among other things. Praise Yah we have this rich tradition, this root system to go back to. Zech 8:23-23 prophecies that “many peoples and mighty nations will come to seek the LORD of hosts and that…in those days ten men from all the nations will grasp the garment of a Jew, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that Elohim is with you.” The Jews today are our go-to source for all things “Hebrew Roots”. Finally, today people are starting to understand that yes Yahshua was a “Jewish Rabbi” and that the apostles, teachers and prophets who were also tasked with carrying forward his message were also of this scribal tradition.

So there you have it. Life should be so simple. But it is not.

My second presupposition is that any critical thinker today or Bible researcher should go back and read all the primary texts being restored to the Elect. This includes the books of the Bible, alongside works called extra biblical; texts referred to as apocryphal, pseudographical and apocalyptic. This includes the writings coming back to us “from out of the earth” , as in the Dead Sea Scrolls. To quote the gist of one Scroll scholar, Rachel Eilor from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem “we found texts that even the most learned among our people did not know even existed.” In other words, while you take your favorite translation of the Bible to your weekly service it must be understood that there is a whole library back at the ranch that is backing up, explaining, referencing, and elucidating your text. There are histories, commentaries, peshers, legends and even older translations from other “denominations”; volumes and volumes of accepted writings that give the bigger picture down to the tiniest detail. Who wants to bring a suitcase to church?

Now in my first blog I ended by telling you that I am all about unpacking the SOD (hidden or mystical) level of understanding. I call this the PhD level. Now I do not purport to have completely attained this advanced or “initiated” skill set. Nor do I have any “worldly credentials” behind my name and I do not intend to get any. Mostly the Ruach and I just plug away, text by text, precept by precept, climbing Jacob’s ladder into higher levels of “wisdom and understanding”. This now includes trying to learn some Hebrew, the language of creation! Kefa (Peter) upon receiving one of his greatest revelations was told by Yahshua that “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.” He got this revelation straight from the top! This is my third presupposition. That the Father himself ” is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.” Matt 16:17

Portions of Torah on their many levels can be figured out. To me the key is to remain a bit flexible because as Paul states “we all know in part and prophecy in part”. (1 Cor. 13:9) We are always growing in this game of “what is truth”. A puzzle is not complete with gaping holes in it. An elder, biblically, is one who by reason of use is able to rightly divide the word of truth, being able to put in the right file system, the nuanced meaning of a scripture. This is easy when it is history or a place or date. But hints of parabolic language that point to deeper meanings get a little trickier. The Gospel of Philip tell us that “the mysteries of truth are revealed through type and image.” The Essenes who were known as “keepers of the secrets” were described by Philo as ” zealous in the writings of the ancients”. They were taught by learned persons–the “wise” among them– the meaning of symbols “in accordance with an ancient method of inquiry” (Omn. Prob.Lib.80-82). This is a very deep well. Some say the supernal knowledge of our Patriarchs goes back to the Garden. I say, why wouldn’t it? When Adam and Eve left Paradise, no verse tells us that they had to check their brains at the door. Already early in the Genesis story we are told their two boys Cain and Abel brought offerings of fruits and the firstborn fat portions of the flock. Who told or taught them to do this? What is the origin of this ritual? In Soncico Zohar, Bemidbar Sec. 3, the sage tells us “How goodly are the ways and paths of the Torah, since it is full of good counsel for man, and every word of it radiates light in many directions.” Just as there is light we see from the sun we know the greatest brightness is one that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Yahshua says he is the light of the world. If that were true on a literal level everyone would see him. End of discussion. But there is more to our understanding then meets the eye. We are told of a time when the “The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the LORD binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds he inflicted.” (Is 30:26). Interpreting this in a spiritually deeper way, the prophet is telling us that there will be a day with a light that is brighter than anything we have ever encountered. There is coming a day of Torah revelation and understanding that is so bright it will burn up all the chaff…and, poof, the wind will just blow it all away, when all the mysteries of God are complete. This will occur in the last days as Enoch says “when the books are opened up” …the “keys to the kingdom are restored” and all of Yah’s people will be Talmudim Chachmim or fully initiated Torah scholars. “No longer will each one teach his neighbor or his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest.”

Back to my first presupposition on the Two Houses of Israel, the combined Torah scholarship of Judah and returning Ephraim will tip the scale in favor of the restoration of all truth. As promised in 2 Baruch 77:15-16 ” And I answered and said unto them ‘Shepherds and lamps and fountains come from the law: And though we depart, yet the law abides. If therefore you have respect to the law, and are intent upon wisdom, a lamp will not be wanting, And a shepherd will not fail, And a fountain will not dry up.”

I say… shine on Yahweh…water your garden from deep wells below and light from above.

Next ….keys…and sealed mysteries……Shalom paths to you this day!


Liz McGee Liz is a primary text researcher and teacher, exploring the Hebrew Roots and the Essene Origins of our faith. Her YouTube channel offers many cutting-edge insights that are being restored for the elect in these last days. Liz's day job is as a watercolor artist, alcohol ink artist and Kabbalah with a K artist. All paintings on the site are originals of her artwork. Visit her artist website:

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  1. Josays: May 18, 2018 at 12:51 pmHi Liz, I’m very happy and excited for you, after all that reading researching and all your ‘ should see’ videos, it’s wonderful that you’ve added pen to paper also, so to speak. I have very much enjoyed reading the first of what will, no doubt be, many informed blogs on the most fundamentally important information to reveal Yah’s majestic tapestry that we are a part of. Thank you for all your diligent work, and your ongoing passion and honesty. Shalom and blessings to you Like REPLY

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