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Are We Alone in the Universe- Where is Everybody?

Updated: May 14

Critically thinking it would be pretty unlikely that we are really alone in space. What with the vastness of the cosmos and the fact that science tells us there are parallel universes it really has to be a given. Question is ….where is everyone, where’s this Star Wars bar with all these intelligent other species hanging out. Why is it the one happy hour only Han Solo and Chewbacca knew about.

Just about every culture on the planet has historical and oral traditions that talk of alien, extra-terrestrial or other worldly beings interfacing with the local humans. Are they really all crazy bored story tellers that had to jazz up the narrative just to keep their audience engaged.

Next question… if this were so how does the Bible tell us about all these other species. We know there are angels and demons, giants and gods. They are mentioned in the texts. But for the modern mind it is still hard to give credence to these beings. But that is the fault of our modern secular overlords or “thought police”. Who are making millions reintroducing all the ancient mythologies in books, movies and video games etc. yet at the same time absolutely refusing to let people for a minute think there is any reality to all this. Nope it’s all just in our imagination.

Rude reality check. It is all very real. And it is soon to crash into a town near you. The Bible even has a verse that says ” Men will faint from fear and anxiety over what is coming upon the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Luke 21:26. Two quick things to say about this verse. The word shaken is not a good translation….the context is that people will be freaked to their core because the “powers” the archons, real spiritual beings, from other higher dimensions i.e. the “heavens” will be cast down to earth for their final judgement. To meet their maker so to speak. At the return of the KING. Spoiler alert…..Lot of chaos ahead.

My point in bringing this up is that I believe the Biblical Texts have a very detailed, albeit very encrypted, narrative of all this way of thinking. Just a question of getting the “Keys to the Kingdom” back so one can access this info and not be shut out of the knowledge of the kingdom of Heaven(s). My latest video series on my youtube channel is beginning to go into great detail of how I believe the prophets encoded all the information of the other, prior and present worlds and who is populating them.

Take the word “behemah” for a moment. It is translated often cattle, oxen or livestock. Basically it is talking about domesticated animals that live in close proximity to man and are not antagonistic but actually very helpful to mankind. This word on the Pashat level does mean livestock in a literal sense. The Hebrews were great shephards and herdsman through out their history. But when you talk encryption you are talking about other levels of reality that are not for everyone to know about. Not babies anyway, who you want to grow up initially with a sense of security and protection. They do not need to be told about the big bad “boogie-men” out there right away.

But what if I told you that the Prophets and Sages of Israel used the same species that we deal with in our natural world to encode esoteric knowledge about the “armies of Elohim”. Yah created kings, rulers, magistrates, and servants in all his different worlds and dimensions. So now fish, cattle, birds and creeping things become angels in the heavens, demons in the underworld, or even pre Adamic hu-mans. Maybe that’s what Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal man really is. The Behemah (look up strongs word #929) that Elohim created on the 6th day along with Adam. Or how about all the many cultures around the world that have legends and folklore about “little people” elves, gnomes or fairies. By definition the “creeping things” are species that are relatively small and live close to the ground.

What’s interesting is something called the Sumerian Kings List. It is an ancient list of Kings the earliest ones some reigning in the 30-35 century BC. How can such a thing be so. Our recorded history according to the official story line cannot process dates that early. This list has been found in numerous formats and manuscripts. It is on clay tablets, a vertical stone inscribed prism and many ancient manuscripts. Even the historian Berossus, a Babylonian of the 3rd century BC makes mention of the list in his writings. These records date back to 2,000 BC. No where except in our modern scholarship is the dating questioned. The cultures that record these kings do not seem to question the veracity of these claims.

Of the 1st King Alulim it is said his “kingship descended from heaven he ruled for 28,000 years.” The next one Alalngar reigned for 36,000 years. After him the next king increases to a reign of 43,200. Astounding numbers. If only after the fall of Adam and Eve does their life span seem to be reduced to “thousand year days”. The text alludes to their potential longevity in their original state and location of the Garden of Eden. So why is it such a stretch that other “Species” existed that had huge lifespans.

On the 5th and 6th day of creation we are told that Elohim made “living souls”. The Hebrew is Nephesh Chai. Six different “species” were created that were told over and over to only multiply and increase with their own kind. Maybe the Bible texts are telling us way deeper SOD level mysteries in the concepts of forbidden mixtures, clean and unclean and not combining diverse genos.

Listen o my new series on “Unlocking the Keys: Beasts” I think you will find some very enlightening information. Shalom along your journey!


Liz McGee Liz is a primary text researcher and teacher, exploring the Hebrew Roots and the Essene Origins of our faith. Her YouTube channel offers many cutting-edge insights that are being restored for the elect in these last days. Liz's day job is as a watercolor artist, alcohol ink artist and Kabbalah with a K artist. All paintings on the site are originals of her artwork. Visit her artist website:

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