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The Mystical Tradition

Updated: May 14

I have been building a case for the mature believer to embrace and grow into the Tarot ha Sod level of Biblical exegesis. Now you might ask where has this been all my Christian life or even more distressing Hebrew Roots or Essence life. You might ask how no one ever told or taught you this. Well I say welcome to the propaganda war. Now maybe you will believe we are in a war for the hearts souls and MINDS of Yah’s people. Our enemy is formidable and crafty. There is a famous anecdote of an old wise sage who rose early one morning to pray as was his custom. The wily serpent whispered in his ear, your old and tired why don’t you go back to bed, you can miss a day of prayer. The Saint whispered back “yes, but serpent….you are a lot OLDER then I am and you are up and slithering around…so I will not take my rest till I am taken up. ” This is the attitude the Elect saint must have. We must ever be on our guard, growing in the wisdom and knowledge of Elohim. That subtle serpent is forever looking to corrupt the truth, never taking a day off!

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

This Hebrew word for knowledge is Strong’s #1847 which is the word Da’at. It is used as a joiner word for two levels of revelation: wisdom (Hockmah) and understanding (Binah). It is in the synthesis or integration of these two highest levels of interaction with the Almighty. It is often referred to as da’at elyon, the higher or hidden knowledge. It serves to secure a continuous bond between these two higher powers of the intellect. A place prophets, sages and saints attain to in meditation and communication with the Father.

Proverbs 24:3-4 says “By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established, And by knowledge (da’at) the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Wisdom in this verse is Chockmah and understanding is from the root word bin which is the root of Binah, together they form the true riches (da’at) which our texts are always telling us to seek and find.

Pr. 18:15 “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge (da’at), and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge (da’at). To him who “hears” correctly more will be given.

Hearing …this brings me to the Oral Torah. Oral is a word associated with hearing something spoken. This brings me to where we need to go. The transmission of the “riches of wisdom and knowledge” was transmitted from master to disciple orally generation after generation for hundreds of years. The ancients considered the spoken, memorized word a much more reliable form of storage and transmission of important information. The letter of the law vs the spirit of the law. I have a great youtube on this subject of the higher value in the society of this mnemonic discipline.

It is a highly skilled discipline usually mastered by the best and the brightest in each generation, these are the MIT graduates who master intensive “patterns and structures that aid composition, retention, and re-performance.” If you thought the scribes of Israel did a great job in copying texts according to stringent rules and practices, learn a new thing! The Priest or Elder in Israel who carried forward the revelation at Mt. Sinai given to Moshe and the 70 Elders maintained exceptional accuracy of their knowledge across the generations.

This mode of transmission preservation contains the “spirit of the law”. It used special “keys” to aid in keeping the layered polysemous nature of Hebrew words, idioms and parabolic language straight without mixing the many tiered (PaRDeS) literal-allegorical truths and teachings. Babies do not understand the nature and danger of the world they live in. They have no context for the inherent evil and history of their environment. Many Gentile Ephraimite Christians have lost sight of TRUE reality. Westerners have so watered down true spiritual realities we are being “re-educated” by Luciferian Elites that “aliens” either never existed or are really our “ascended master friends”. They have no foundation for the war we are in with “principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness” Eph 6:12, 3:10, Col 2:15.

The people who received the Torah on Mt. Sinai did just not get a stone with 10 Commandments. That is the kindergarten version. Moshe who spoke “face to face” with Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (I am that I am) received a full education on all levels of training, equipping, mobilizing, teaching and ultimately waging REAL war and winning against these powerful primordial fallen entities. This remnant Abrahamic tribe that was taken out of captivity to ancient astral lesser “elohim’s” and placed on the world stage as the human component, connection and ultimate inheritor of the favor and “sonship” of Yahweh Elohim had to have some “meat” to feed this and sustain this endeavour.

But how do you preserve such “higher wisdom” that topples kings and kingdoms that also have their root in higher dimensions. How do you ensure that future generations will always have the intel they need to wage war and be victorious. And how do you keep this knowledge from being hijacked by the enemy, used and abused by the profane, watered down by the uninitiated. Again we come back to the concept of encryption, encoding and transmitting highly sensitive and classified information for mature, seasoned, armed and dangerous future leaders, priests and kings like David, Hezekiah and Esdras, Y’shua, James, Peter and Paul. You think they just stumble upon some random wisdom that equips them for their callings in their generations. Think again, think long and hard about what I am saying before you blithely dismiss the Aggadah of past heroes of the faith. You, Elect saint of the last generation where are you going to go for the training and equipping that will be needed for the last days generation. When Satan is cast down to the earth and all his “stars” with him in a final power encounter with the Risen Mashiach as he comes at the final jubilee to reclaim his “earth”, his people who sleep in the dust. Are you going to able to stand in the “day of battle” or just crumble because your world view is so throughly smashed when the supernal realms and their hordes come crashing thru our thin veil of “reality”.

This is why many people are as watchman, sounding the trumpet. Calling people to get OIL in their lamp. Oil represents the highest and purest level of spiritual understanding you can get …it will lead you thru the darkest time. It will light your path in the midst of chaos, confusion and upheaval. That is why it has such a high value and as such was preserved at such a high cost. Essenes were tortured to death rather than reveal their “secrets”. Isaiah was “sawn in half” by a maniacal king who was trying to separate his “soul from his body” so that he would no longer prophesy the demise of his “kingdom”. The message of Isaiah, the Kohonen of El, was that those who align themselves with the Prince of Darkness are going DOWN! The Hero’s of the faith in Hebrews 11 all had intel that sustained them thru attacks of men and fallen angels. Knowledge is power, power is strength and strength leads to victory.

Heb 11:33-38 lists those who through faith, meaning they believed in their own storyline, oral and redacted, “conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies. Women received back their dead, raised to life again. There were others who were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. They were put to death by stoning;e they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated— the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.”

We should not aspire to any less a standard of life and practice. Especially us to whom the “ends of the age has come”. This is why the Rauch ha Kodesh is leading those who will follow out of the boat and into higher realms of consciousness where “greater works” can be done. Walking on water is a parabolic way of Y’shua demonstrating a reality of living and exercising greater power that transcends and suspends the natural laws we all succumb to. Y’shua did say, we have reliable textural documentation, that “the works that I do, shall you do also, and greater works shall you do” John 14:12.

I say all this to show the reader that you need a faith built on a tradition that got results. We need to get back on track. We need to believe in our “minds” …biblically the origin, seat and seedbed of all supernal power and authority our TRUE heritage, destination and inheritance.

Kabbalah, the Torat ha Sod, is a word that means “received”. What do you think the most imitated, adept and holy saints, priests and kings were receiving. The Oral Torah!! Make no mistake. Yah watches over two things. Two things you do not mess with and live, (in the larger context of death and resurrection). His Word and His People. That is why no body of preserved, transmitted knowledge has been so fought against, misunderstood, purposely hidden and protected by angels and the Elect of every generation. This is a knowledge stream coming straight from Enoch, the 7th from Adam. But as he himself testifies that all this info was really for a “far-off remote generation which was to come” Enoch 1:2. That’s you and me. Time to finally grow up and be able “eat meat and drink strong wine”.

Is 25:6 “On this mountain, the LORD of Armies will prepare for all the people’s a feast of choice meat, a feast with aged wine, prime cuts of choice meat, fine vintage wine.” Welcome to the revelation of Mt. Sinai…..Welcome to the feast of His Word…the famine is over!

Shalom. I will do my best to lead you into this mystical, Kabbalistic world where the primary text….ha Zohar…which means splendor or radiance….yes our faces will shine like Moshe’s.


Liz McGee Liz is a primary text researcher and teacher, exploring the Hebrew Roots and the Essene Origins of our faith. Her YouTube channel offers many cutting-edge insights that are being restored for the elect in these last days. Liz's day job is as a watercolor artist, alcohol ink artist and Kabbalah with a K artist. All paintings on the site are originals of her artwork. Visit her artist website:

"The Elect Life". View all posts by Liz McGee

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